Atago 5291AP-300 Automatic Polarimeter Saccharimeter, Angle Of Rotation, International Sugar Scale

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An Affordable Polarimeter with Only the Essential Specs

Equipped with a history feature and a graphic display that allows you to instantly see whether measurement results are within standards. Capable of a minimum resolution of 0.001° for angle  of rotation and up to 0.001°Z for International Sugar Scale. An ideal model for measuring angle of  rotation in the pharmaceutical manufacturing, fragrance, cosmetics, industrial chemicals, and food industries, as well as for measuring International Sugar Scale degrees in the sugar refining industry.


ScaleAngle of Rotation,
International Sugar Scale (without temperature compensation),
International Sugar Scale (with Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Measurement ReadingsAngle of Rotation,
International Sugar Scale (without temperature compensation),
International Sugar Scale (with Automatic Temperature Compensation),
Specific Optical Rotation, Concentration, and Purity
Measurement RangeAngle of Rotation : -89.999 to +89.999°
International Sugar Scale : -130.000 to +130.000°Z
ResolutionAngle of Rotation : 0.001°
International Sugar Scale : 0.001°Z
Measurement AccuracyAngle of Rotation
Displayed value : ±0.01° (-35.00 to +35.00°)
Relative precision : ±0.2% (-35.01° to -89.99° , +35.01° to +89.99°)
International Sugar Scale
Displayed value : ±0.03°Z (-101.00 to +101.00°Z)
Relative precision : ±0.2% (-130.00 to -101.01°Z , +101.01 to +130.00°Z)
(Checked by reading a standard Quartz Plate)
Temperature indicationResolution±0.1°, Accuracy:±0.5°
Temperature correction range for International Sugar Scale18.0 to 30.0°
Display PanelColor LCD with backlight
Light sourcewhite LED
Measurement Wavelength589nm (equivalent to the sodium-D line spectrum)
Output• Digital Printer DP-63 or DP-AD (Optional)
• RS-232C
Manual CalibrationEnables manual calibration by measuring a standard Quartz Plate
Power SupplyAC100V to 240V 50/60Hz
Included Accessories100mm (5mL), 200mm (10mL)
Observation tube (1each)
Software, PolariSoft
Dimensions & Weight48.5×28.5×17.5cm, 14.4kg
(Main Unit only)
Power consumption65VA
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The AP-300 fully automatic polarimeter measures a sample easily by setting the observation tube (filled with a liquid sample) in the sample chamber and pressing START. Digitally displayed measurement values are large and easy to read. The AP-300 generally used in pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic, industrial, chemical, and food factories is the best for measuring the angle of rotation. In addition, the built in International Sugar Scale is used widely in sugar factories.

Compatible with the International Sugar Scale

Configured with automatic temperature compensation for a range within 18 to 30°C and conforms with International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar  Analysis (ICUMSA) International Sugar Scale standards.

Loaded with a multitude of convenient features

Data history of up to the last 30 measurement values, zero-setting, and calibration can be stored and checked. Other useful and convenient features for measurement include repeated (consecutive) measurement setting and average value display. Furthermore, it is equipped with a password protection feature in compliance with regulations such as ISO standards, for increased security.

Compact design

Until recently, large-sized automatic polarimeters were the norm. Unlike conventional models that require a lot of space, the compact size of this instrument makes it possible to take measurements anywhere, without taking up space.


  • Measures the specific optical rotation of medical agents 
  • Measures the concentration of optically active substances found in fragrance materials or chemical compositions 
  • Measures the international sugar scale and the purity of sugar 
  • Identifies the attributes of inverted sugar, etc. 
  • Measures the specific optical rotation or the concentration of optically active substances

  • Special Packages Type A Temperature Controlled : Cat.No.5296
  • Special Packages Type B Temperature Compensation : Cat.No.5297
  • Observation tube 50mm long OT-50 (A) 2.5mL : RE-72056
  • Observation tube 100mm OT-100(A) (SUS) 5mL : RE-72054
  • Observation tube 200mm long OT-200 (A) 10mL : RE-72055
  • Jacketed flow tube 100mm : RE-72034
  • Jacketed flow tube 200mm : RE-72035
  • Jacketed flow tube 50mm : RE-72036
  • Jacketed flow tube with funnel 100mm : RE-72033
  • Jacketed flow tube with funnel 200mm : RE-72032
  • Quartz control plate 34°(100°Z) : RE-72045
  • Quartz control plate 17°(50°Z) : RE-72044
  • Quartz control plate 8°(25°Z) : RE-72043
  • Quartz Control Plate -34° (-100°Z) : RE-72050
  • Quartz Control Plate -17° (-50°Z) : RE-72049
  • Quartz Control Plate -8° (-25°Z) : RE-72048
  • Unjacketed Flow Tube (Glass) 50mm/4.5mL : RE-72051
  • Unjacketed Flow Tube (Glass) 100mm/9mL : RE-72052
  • Calibration Certificate 
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  • Measurement Range
    Angle of Rotation : -89.999 to +89.999°, International Sugar Scale : -130.000 to +130.000°Z
  • Resolution
    Angle of Rotation : 0.001°, International Sugar Scale : 0.001°Z
  • Use
    Angle of Rotation
  • Manufacturer
    Atago Co Ltd
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