Atago 4211 Digital Portable Salt Meter, ES-421 PALETTE Series, Conductivity Method, 0.00 to 10.0% Measurement Range

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The digital salt-meter, ES-421 employs a funnel-shaped sensor which measures the salt % of a sample such as the dilute solution of soy sauce, ketchup,mayonnaise, worcester sauce, squeezed juice of pickles, etc. It only needs 1.0ml of sample.
*Improved durability with titanium electrodes.
*Stage is made out of SUS316L.
*Equipped with a backlight for even brighter, easier to read display.
*Equipped with an “Offset Function.”
*The NaCl solution for calibration is different from the solution used for the former ES-421(Cat.No4210).Its concentration has been changed from 2.84%→2.50%. 

Replaces Atago 4210

ScaleSalt concentration (g/100g)
Measurement MethodConductivity method
Measurement Range0.00 to 10.0%
Resolution0.01% for salt concentration of 0.00 to 2.99%
0.1% for salt concentration of 3.0 to 10.0%
Measurement AccuracyDisplayed value ± 0.05% (for salt concentration of 0.00 to 0.99%)
Relative precision ± less than 5% (for salt concentration of 1.00 to 10.0%)
Ambient Temperature10 to 40°C (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Power Supply006P Dry battery (9V)
Offset featureYes
Dimensions & Weight17×9×4cm, 220g
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Lightweight and ergonomic design -  Stable on the table yet compact to carry

Sample stage is made of SUS316L resin which is known for its durability against corrosion. A sample can be measured while the device is in your hand or set on a desk.

Equipped with Offset Feature - Redesigned and upgraded with a convenient, brand new feature.

Newly equipped with a convenient offset feature for measurement. This feature enables the instrument to produce values which are close to those of other measurement principles,such as titration

High accuracy - Cup shaped sample stage

Only requires 0.6mL of sample. High accuracy of ±0.05% for salt concentration under 0.99%.

ES-421 3 easy steps:

1. Apply 2-3 drops onto the sensor section.
2. Press the START key.
3. Measurement value is displayed in 3 seconds.

Why measure salt content?

Adding salt is one of the most critical processes in food manufacturing as it has a significant effect on the colour, taste, and texture of food.

ATAGO salt meters are ideal for quick and easy salinity checks on the production floor.

Recently, in addition to use in the production are, many companies are validating our salt meters as the preferred method in lab setting as well. Food scientists are choosing to limit the use of precipitation titration with harmful sliver nitrate (Mohr's method).

Because ATAGO salt meters are sage, fast, and simple.

Due to the difference in measurement principles, reading from the conductivity salt meters may not match up exactly with the reading by titration for certain samples. However, by creating a conversion table between the two testing methods, correlation between the set of results can be seen.

Unlike titration, no expensive and harmful chemical is involved in the measurement process.

ATAGO delivers the revolutionary salinity measurement solution that is both eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

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  • Measurement Range
    Salt Concentration 0.00 to 10.0% (g/100g)
  • Resolution
    0.01% for salt concentration of 0.00 to 2.99%
  • Measurement Accuracy
    ± 0.05%
  • Ambient Temperature (°C)
    10 to 40°C
  • Use
    Salt Concentration
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  • Manufacturer
    Atago Co Ltd
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