Atago 3567 Inline Process Brix Concentration Monitor, CM-TANKα (FER), Brix : 0.0 to 80.0% Measurement Range

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Simplicity at its best - Versatile Process Management

This model is modified model from In-line Brix Monitor CM-800α to connect to the tank directly

ResolutionBrix : 0.01 or 0.1%
(2nd decimal place shown per selection for 0.00 - 9.99%)
Temperature : 1゚C / 1゚F
AccuracyBrix : ±0.1%
Temperature : ±1゚C / ±1゚F
Temperature compensation5~100℃
Power SupplyDC24V
Output terminalsDC4~20mA,RS-232C

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  • In-line model can be incorporated into the piping of manufacturing plants, liquid mixing devices, and washing apparatuses for continuous liquid concentration measurement
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for immediate, accurate calibration readings, regardless of sample temperature
  • In-line, compact monitor for continuous Brix measurement of sugar content to control mixing,  concentration, and fermentation, as well as the concentration of water-based or alkali-based based detergents

Highly resistant to build-up 

The materials in contact with the solution are made out of durable SUS316L, and the sample stage has been made fully flat, resulting in a unit that's highly resistant to build-up.

Defective products will never slip through 

A variety of output methods means defective products will never slip through undetected. Recorder output (4-20mA) and RS-232C output can be set-up and linked with an external device for automatic control. 

Compatible with a wide range of temperatures 

Capable of measurement at temperatures between -15 to 160°C, meaning the unit is perfectly capable of handling CIP and SIP processes.

 α series Fitting Option

Connection systemDiameterProfile
IDF/ISO clamp union (ferrule)1S - 3S
IDF/ISO screw union (screw)1S - 3S
JIS Flange25A - 65A
IDF/ISO clamp union (ferrule)1S - 3S
IDF/ISO screw union (screw)1S - 3S
JIS Flange25A - 65A
Compression Fitting10mmΦ
Hose connector12mmΦ
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  • Range
    Brix : 0.0 to 80.0%
  • Accuracy
  • Type of Communication
    DC4 to 20mA Output, RS-232C Output Terminal
  • Installation Type
    Mount the unit on the side of a pot or tank
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  • Manufacturer
    Atago Co Ltd
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