Atago 1228 NAR-2T・HI Abbe Refractometer, Refractive index (nD) : 1.4700 to 1.8700, (for high temperature and high refractive index measurement)


Model NAR-2T・HI
Cat.No. 1228
Scale Refractive index
Measurement Range Refractive index (nD) : 1.4700 to 1.8700
Minimum Scale Refractive Index (nD) : 0.001
Measurement Accuracy Refractive index (nD) : ±0.0002
Average dispersion value nF-nC (to be calculated according to conversion table)
Ambient Temperature 5 to 40゚C
Digital Thermometer Indication range: 0.0 to 120.0°C
(Accuracy:±0.2゚C (0~100゚C), ±0.5゚C(100~120゚C), Minimum indication: 0.1゚C)
Measurement Temperature Range 0 to 120゚C
(Temperature range available of the circulating water)
Light source LED (Approximating to wavelength of D-Line)
Power Supply AC100 to 240V , 50/60Hz
Dimensions & Weight 12×20×25cm, 5.8kg (Refractometer)
10×11×7cm, 0.5kg (Thermometer)
Power consumption 5VA
Special Order Option : The sample stage height can be customized.


· Test piece A with m-naphthalene : RE-1195

· Test piece C with m-naphthalene : RE-1197

· Test piece D for measurement of film : RE-1498

· Test piece E for measurement of film : RE-1499

· Monobromona-phthalene as contact liquid : RE-1196

· Methylene iodide containing sulfur solution : RE-1199

· Contact liquid LJ : RE-99080

· Eyepiece for polarizing : RE-1146

* Calibration Certificate : Contact an ATAGO representative for details.


* As for the other consumables & the part please view this.

*Please inform us of a serial number in the case of an order.

  • £14000.00
ATAGO's Abbe Refractometers are highly reliable instruments which measure Refractive Index. Compared with other types of refractometers, the Abbe refractometers are capable of measuring liquid and solid samples such as plate glasses, plastic sheets, and other solid films.
Calibration with waterAC outlet (AC100 to 240V)High temperature samplesCan be connected to a circulatingRefractive index scale

Designed for use with compounds that require measurement at high temperatures (up to 120°C). Capable of measuring samples from 5 to 120°C, such as substances with a melting point higher than room temperature, or compounds containing substances with a transition temperature below 120°C. Aside from liquid samples, glass, films, plastics and other solid samples can also be measured. 

This model is suitable to measure the higher refractive index of NAR-2T which enables to measure by high temperature up to 120℃. 

*Optional accessories: Circulating constant temperature bath (up to 60°C). (Pg. 5) For a circulating constant temperature bath above 61°C, please purchase separately (not available through ATAGO). 


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Can be connected to a recorder Can be connected to a recorder Measurement at a set temperature Measurement at a set temperature
Can be connected to a printer Can be connected to a printer Automatic Temperature Compensation Automatic Temperature Compensation
Alarm output for high- and low-limit values Alarm output for high- and low-limit values Can be connected to a circulating Can be connected to a circulating
RS-232C Interface RS-232C Interface Continuous measurement Continuous measurement
In-line measurement In-line measurement High temperature samples High temperature samples
User scales can be inputted User scales can be inputted External Light Interference External Light Interference


Specification Scale
Calibration with water Calibration with water Clinical refractometers Clinical refractometers
Calibration with exclusive standard liquid Calibration with exclusive standard liquid Refractive index scale Refractive index scale
Compact and easy to carry Compact and easy to carry Salt concentration scale Salt concentration scale
Digital display Digital display Seawater scale Seawater scale
AC outlet (AC100 to 240V) AC outlet (AC100 to 240V) Wine scale Wine scale
Battery operated Battery operated    
    • SKU
  • Measurement Range
    1.4700 to 1.8700
  • Measurement Accuracy
  • Measurement Temperature (°C)
    0 to 120゚C
  • Ambient Temperature (°C)
    5 to 40゚C
  • Manufacturer
    Atago Co Ltd