Hettich lab centrifuges are globally recognized for providing powerful spinning of samples including blood, urine, cell, tissue, and other temperature sensitive samples. Complete with safety features including an Easy-Lift™ lid that keeps lid in place as well as a Safety-Lock™ for extra protection of the chamber when in operation, Hettich lab centrifuges reduce risks of sample spills and contamination. Hettich centrifuges improve lab productivity as these also come with clear control panels that allow easy unit programming, an ergonomic design for minimized repetitive stress injuries, and a low-noise operation that prevents users from getting distracted in the lab. These centrifuges can accommodate tubes, microplates, bags, bottles, and whole lot of lab vessels, making them perfect for hospitals, veterinary clinics, research centers, and even industrial facilities.


Lab.Equipment carries an extensive selection of Hettich lab centrifuges including high speed centrifuges and microcentrifuges from the Mikro, EBA, Haematokrit, Universal, Rotofix, Rotina, and Rotanta series. We carry benchtop and floor-standing Hettich centrifuges available in a variety of bundles. These Hettich centrifuge bundles offer a range of rotor, bucket, and adapter options to meet various demands of clinical, pharmaceutical, scientific, food & beverage, and research industries. Whether working on PCR, DNA, RNA applications or on organic/inorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry applications, trust Lab.Equipment to give you the best Hettich centrifugation packages available.

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