AND Instruments BM-20, BM Series Micro-Analytical Balances, Maximum Capacity 22g, Readability 0.001mg (1μg), Pan Size 25mm With Internal Calibration

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Introducing our innovative microbalance! Accurate measurement for precision weighing with micrograms readability.



22 g



0.001 mg

Repeatability (standard deviation)

0.0025 mg (for 1 g)

Minimum weight*ii (typical)

3.0 mg


±0.010 mg

Stabilization time (typical when set to FAST)

Approx. 10 secs

Sensitivity drift

±2 ppm/°C (10 to 30 °C/50 to 86 °F, when automatic self calibration is OFF)

Operating environment

5 to 40 °C (41 to 104 °F), 85%RH or less (no condensation)

Display refresh rate

5 times/sec or 10 times/sec

Units of measure*iii

mg (milligram), g (gram), oz (ounce), ozt (troy ounce), ct (metric carat), mom (momme),
dwt (pennyweight), gr (grain), pcs (counting mode), % (percent mode), and SG (density mode)

Counting mode

Minimum unit mass

0.1 mg

Number of samples

10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces

Percent mode

Minimum 100% reference mass

10.0 mg

% readability

0.01%, 0.1%, 1% (depends on the reference mass stored)

Communication interface

RS-232C and Quick USB

Applicable calibration weight value

20 g

10 g

5 g

2 g

1 g

Weighing pan size

Ø25 mm

External dimensions

259 (W) × 466 (D) × 326 (H) mm

Net weight

Approx. 10 kg

Power supply / consumption

AC adapter / approx. 30 VA

Standard accessories

AD-1676 tabletop breeze break (medium) × 1*iv, Special pans (Ø50 mm and Ø95 mm) for weighing PM filters × 1 each,

Three sizes of aluminum analytical pans × 10 each, AX-BM-032 microtube holder × 1, AD-1688 weighing data logger × 1, AD-1689 tweezers for calibration weight × 1, AX-BM-033 dust cover for storage × 1

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Standard Features:

Percentage Function


Introducing our innovative micro balance! Accurate measurement for precision weighing with micrograms readability.

How to Eliminate the Greatest Enemy of Precision Weighing 

Static electricity, while often overlooked, can be a fatal source of error in precise weight measurements. With the BM Series, A&D seek in various ways to help you perform sometimes-tricky analytical weighing with simplicity and accuracy,
including the elimination of static electricity. The world of micro grams (µg) is now accessible to all researchers!

Built-in Fanless Ionizer

The internal ionizer neutralizes an electrostatically charged object instantly. Simply hold the sample in the neutralizing chamber for a second before placing it in the weighing chamber.

Anti-static Breeze Break

The thin evaporated metal coating of the breeze break blocks outside static electricity.

Motor-driven Internal Calibration Mass

The internal mass of the BM Series allows you to perform calibration quickly and correctly even if you are not skilled at calibrating balances using external masses.

Large Weighing Chamber for Improved Usability

To block drafts, A&D adopted a double-ring structure around the weighing pan and two vertical shields under the separation plate. This offers more space and easier operation than conventional 1 µg balances with a secondary breeze break in the chamber. 


  • Easy, fanless elimination of static electricity using a built-in ionizer
  • Anti-static breeze break
  • Large weighing chamber for improved usability
  • Built-in temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure sensors
  • Interlockable slide doors allowing efficient operation with both hands
  • Motorized calibration with an internal mass:
    • Automatically triggered based on temperature variation
    • Triggered by operator
  • Clearly visible, white-backlit LCD
  • Memory: up to 200 data sets
  • AD-1688 as standard accessory: dedicated USB key to record weighing data as well as environmental parameters into MS Excel readable files
  • 12 weighing units: g, mg, oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tael, tola, pcs (counting), %.
  • Special pans/holders for BM-20/22:
    • Small pans for sampling minute amounts
    • Holders for PM filters
    • Holders for microfuge tubes
    • Optional pipette accuracy testing kit
  • Interfaces:
    • RS-232C (standard)
    • Quick USB (standard)
    • Ethernet (optional)

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  • Manufacturer
    AND Instruments Ltd
  • Country of Origin
  • Balances
    • Maximum Capacity
    • Readability
    • Pan Size
      25mm ø Dia
    • Calibration Type
    • Approved
    • Communications RS232
    • Communications USB
    • Communitions Ethernet
Options & AccessoriesModel
Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software*BM-08
Pipette testing kit (all models)BM-14
Density measurement kit (BM-252, 200, 300, 500)AD-1653
Tabletop anti-vibration tableAD-1671
Freestanding anti-vibration tableADI-MWT
Table top breeze breakAD-1672
Electrostatic field meterAD-1684
Tweezers for calibration weightAD-1689
Display working covers (5pcs)AX-BM-031
Centrifuge tube holderAX-BM-032
Ioniser electrode needles (4pcs)AX-BM-NEEDLESET
Aluminium analytical pan (0.05ml, 8mm dia.) 100pcsAX-PAN-0.05ML
Aluminium analytical pan (0.3ml, 12mm dia.) 100pcsAX-PAN-0.3ML
Aluminium analytical pan (0.8ml, 15mm dia.) 100pcsAX-PAN-0.8ML
Foot switchAX-SW128

* BM-08 and the standard Quick USB interface cannot be used at the same time