Chiral Technologies Introduces CHIRALPAK® IJ – DAICEL’s Newest Immobilized Chiral Selector offering more flexibility for screening and method development conditions.

We are excited to introduce our newest immobilized chiral stationary phase (CSP), CHIRALPAK® IJ. CHIRALPAK IJ is the immobilized version of our coated CHIRALCEL® OJ, which is a cellulose polymer derivatized with tris (4-methylbenzoate) moieties. Thanks to the expanded solvent range this column can be utilized with, IJ represents the newest tool in the analytical chemists’ toolbox for achieving chiral separations for molecules previously not separated or poorly resolved on coated chiral stationary phases.

90592CHIRALPAK IJ-33.02.150
90593CHIRALPAK IJ-33.02.1100
90594CHIRALPAK IJ-33.02.1150
90595CHIRALPAK IJ-33.02.1250
90522CHIRALPAK IJ-33.04.650
90523CHIRALPAK IJ-33.04.6100
90524CHIRALPAK IJ-33.04.6150
90525CHIRALPAK IJ-33.04.6250
90511CHIRALPAK IJ-33.04.010
90S82CHIRALPAK IJ-3/SFC3.03.050
90S83CHIRALPAK IJ-3/SFC3.03.0100
90S84CHIRALPAK IJ-3/SFC3.03.0150
90394CHIRALPAK IJ5.02.1150
90422CHIRALPAK IJ5.04.650
90423CHIRALPAK IJ5.04.6100
90324CHIRALPAK IJ5.04.6150
90325CHIRALPAK IJ5.04.6250
90311CHIRALPAK IJ5.04.010
90335CHIRALPAK IJ5.010250
90337CHIRALPAK IJ5.01020
90345CHIRALPAK IJ5.020250
90342CHIRALPAK IJ5.02150
90375CHIRALPAK IJ5.030250
90372CHIRALPAK IJ5.03050
90355CHIRALPAK IJ5.050250
90435CHIRALPAK IJ/SFC5.010250
90432CHIRALPAK IJ/SFC5.01050
90445CHIRALPAK IJ/SFC5.021250
90442CHIRALPAK IJ/SFC5.02150
90475CHIRALPAK IJ/SFC5.030250
90472CHIRALPAK IJ/SFC5.03050
90455CHIRALPAK IJ/SFC5.050250